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Check out my real life here.

If you don't know me, hi, I'm Ashley. At the time of this writing, I'm 26 (though I will tell you 21 if I meet you in person) and have finally just gotten my BA in English after 8 years. Due to personal reasons, I am no longer capable of writing in my LJ, but I miss the habit of it, so it was necessary to start a separate journal.

I have a lot of the same interests as any self-respecting nerd girl. I'm also very into some weird things, too. For example: I'm really interested in dreams. I frequently have very vivid dreams with detailed plotlines (and no, I swear I'm not making them up!). I like theories about time travel and alternate universes. I'm interested in psychology and enjoy holding drawn-out, speculative philosophical conversations as well. I like Victorian England, sunsets and sunrises, 50s/60s boy bands and other nostalgia, just nostalgia in general. I love the artwork from Sleeping Beauty and 101 Dalmatians (a main reason why those have always been my favorite Disney movies), and have always said I'd love to live in 1960s animated London because of the latter film. I'd always give (almost) anything to make my screen 3-dimensional when I watch it so I can just step inside. Similarly, I'm finding a growing love of history, because I like to read facts and stories about other times and places and can almost feel that I'm there if I lose myself just enough in it. Pretty awesome feeling.

I enjoy creative writing, but you won't see much fiction here. I generally (unless otherwise indicated) write straight from life, about my normal day-to-day activities. I will use this as I used my LJ, as a reference point, so I can go back at any time and remember something bizarre or happy or even terrible that happened to me. For this reason, I do my best to report events and feelings as exactly as possible. I like to write about my life in a creative way, making a normal day of work sound like an action thriller, for example, but without bending the truth at all. Therefore, the people I interact with the most are listed below as my "CAST OF CHARACTERS".

I'm very busy these days and don't have too much time for writing, but with any luck, I will become a bit more disciplined in that area.

I have a lot of celeb/geeky crushes, so you will probably hear some girlish squeeing from time to time. My apologies. I swear a lot. I'm very much an atheist and, no, I will not be swayed. Politically I consider myself an independent with heavy liberal leanings. I'm epileptic, but only have seizures in my sleep. Though undiagnosed, there is a good chance that I have OCD and/or ADD.

Um...that's the basics, I guess.

The Mormon: The love of my life. I won't use his real name here, because he wishes to remain anonymous in my entire life and mind. But he'll probably only come up in private entries, so those of you who wish to remain blissfully unaware in your own minds needn't worry.
Mom and Dad: My parents, obviously.
Casey: My younger sister.
Woobie: My even younger brother.
Josh: I met him through another friend. He and I and another friend formed our own gang called The Outcasts.
JohnMichael: The other member of The Outcasts, whom I met through another friend.
Jessica: A crazy and judgmental person who was formerly my oldest Florida friend and then turned on me, and then attempted to turn my friends against me. She will be mocked accordingly.
Evan: A good friend and sort of big-brother-figure to me.
Becky: I've known her for a few years, but we've really only been friends for a little over a year. I'd actually been friends with her sister Katie for several years before that.
Manny: Becky's husband, and also a good friend.
David, Kasey, and Granny: Becky's parents and grandmother. I spend almost as much time with them as with Becky and Manny.
Nicole: Another good friend whom I've known almost as long as Jess.
Mommy and Daddy Mitchell: Nicole's parents. I lived with them for a while. They're like surrogate parents.
David and Kasey: Becky and Katie's parents. Wonderful people.
Granny: Kasey's mother. She's very sweet and cries a lot.
Monica: Another old Florida friend.
Dave: The fake boyfriend. Yes, he actually exists and comes over all the time, but no, he's not really my boyfriend.
Jo: A co-worker/friend from a previous job.
Mike: My current manager. I really didn't think it was possible to find another one as cool as my last one, but Mike is pretty awesome in different ways.
Chaz: Another co-worker. He's an asshole.
BJ: Another co-worker. He's pretty cool. He and Chaz are old friends. Apparently he also went to high school with Evan.
Igor: Well, you know I can't talk about him in public.

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101 dalmatians, 1984, abortion, abortion rights, alan moore, alice's adventures in wonderland, all things british, alternate reality, anne perry's william monk series, anti-classism, atlantis, back to the future, bad religion, barack obama, battlestar galactica, being opinionated, biscuits, blueberries, books, bookstores, british accents, buffy the vampire slayer, c.s. lewis, care bears, carnivale, cheese, christmas, classic cars, classic disney, conan o'brien, conversation, creative non-fiction, creative writing, danny elfman, daydreaming, dinosaurs, doctor who, dreaming, edgar allan poe, elizabethan england, emmy rossum, england, english literature, enya, epilepsy, faberge, faerie tales, fantasy, feminism, george orwell, ghost hunting, grammar, gregory brothers, harry potter, historical fiction, imagination, indiana jones, intelligence, invader zim, jack vettriano, jane austen, jasper fforde, jon stewart, kisses, les miserables, libraries, lingerie, literature, london, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, lost, louis c.k., love, malls, middle ages, miniskirts, modeling, monty python, morrissey, movies, museums, narnia, neil gaiman, neverland, nicknames, oingo boingo, old books, orange juice, oscar wilde, pancakes, patton oswalt, peder mork monsted, peter pan, phantom of the opera, philosophy, pie, pirates of the caribbean, planned parenthood, pro-choice, psychology, reading, reddit, roe v. wade, romance, sandman, schoolgirl skirts, seinfeld, seizures, sex, shooting stars, sleeping beauty, smoothies, snow, st. augustine, star wars, stars, stephanie henderson, stephen colbert, storytelling, strawberries, studio ghibli, sunsets, sushi, sword fights, the beatles, the colbert report, the daily show, the godfather, the legend of sleepy hollow, the moon, the multiverse, the nightmare before christmas, the princess bride, the romanovs, the smell of bookstores, the x-files, theatre, tim burton, time travel, titanic, true love, v for vendetta, vampires, veronica mars, victorian literature, wine, winter, wonderland, writing
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